Thoroughly enjoyed (RazorWire)!… I felt like I was stepping right into ‘The Waste’… The story is action packed!… The plot is developed well and the characters all brought something important to the story… Quite the adventure!
Melissa B.
(In RazorWire) it was interesting the way he developed his characters… It was well thought out and believable… The writing was done well and was well edited… kept my interest from beginning to end…I’m glad I found it…
A nice Western flavor with a Sci-Fi setting. The two complement each other perfectly… Characters had a depth that made me care about them… I enjoyed how smoothly the action flowed. (Author) has done his research… world created is realistic… looking forward to the next books.
I wouldn’t describe myself as a big reader, there are only a handful of books that I’ve read without getting bored at some point and not picking it up again. RazorWire made it into my list of books that I’ve been unable to put down!…
Effin Snyder
Very good story. I couldn’t put it down…
Amazon Customer
Loved this book… the story, and the characters.
…Can’t wait to see what happens next!
Compelling story, Love the setting!… If you love good fiction and apocalyptic stories as much as I do give (RazorWire) a chance!
iTunes User (SCC_89)
Fascinating and Brilliantly Written!… reveals fascinating insights about humanity…!
iTunes User (FatB****11)




RazorWire Subtitle 300x444

Book 1


The Waste is a strange place to live. Long gone is the old world with buildings taller than trees and massive cities home to millions. Now The Waste is a world of the barest survival where bullets are used as money and ownership of a single book is a sign of great wealth. But even in the bleakest settings, a person must always be aware of death. This time, death is flowing over The Waste in unstoppable hoards of vicious killers on horseback… And only a single man and woman can stop it. But he doesn’t care. And she cares too much.

Now Available in Audiobook & Ebook!

RazorsEdge Subtitle 300x444

Book 2


The world of The Waste is all Rock Wanderer has ever known. It’s a hard world, a world of blood and bullets. But when he and Caroline leave The Waste behind and discover a land and people far beyond anything they could have ever imagined Rock is forced to realize not only some hard truths about life, but about himself as well.

Now Available in Audiobook & eBook!

RazorsCut Subtitle 300x444

Book 3


In RazorsCut Rock and Caroline visit a people who have used a unique approach to dealing with the reality of living in a post-Wandering world. And while things might seem fine on the outside, Rock and Caroline are soon to discover that when smiles are built on lies that it’s only a matter or time until the entire system begins to crumble…

Now Available in Ebook! Audiobook coming soon!

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